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Boeng Kak Protesters Egg Embassy, Ex-Governor’s Photo

28 Aug

By Aun Pheap, The Cambodia Daily, 28 August 2014


Police Block Villagers’ March Hun Sen’s House

6 Aug

By Aun Pheap And George Wright, The Cambodia Daily, 06 August 2014


Boeng Kak Evictees Protest At Singapore Embassy

5 Aug

By Mech Dara, The Cambodia Daily, 05 August 2014


Workers at Sun Well to come back

29 Jul

By Mom Kunthear, The Pnhom Penh Post, 29 July 2014

Nearly 1,000 workers from the Sun Well Shoes factory in Phnom Penh are to return to work today after protesting for more than two weeks, officials said, while four union members have been summonsed to court for questioning over the strike.

Seang Sambath, president of the Worker Friendship Union Federation, said yesterday that a five-hour negotiation session between union, company and Ministry of Labour officials settled the dispute.

“The workers agreed to return to work tomorrow because the company accepted the points that the workers demanded,” he said, adding that the deal included providing protective clothing such as gloves, and a promise to pay half-wages for the demonstration period.

But the row will continue, as four union officials have been summonsed to appear in court today for questioning about a factory complaint related to property destruction during the protest. Sun Well could not be reached for comment.

Firm’s Split From Beong Kak Project Confirmed

17 Jul

By Zsombor Peter, The Cambodia Daily, 17 July 2014


Boeng Kak Families Ask ACU to Probe Senator’s Land Sale

8 Jul

By Mech Dara, The Cambodia Daily, 08 July 2014


Hun Sen’s Sister Tied to Company in Boeng Kak Land Sale

25 Jun

By Mech Dara, The Cambodia Daily, 25 June 2014


Yorm Bopha Release

24 Jun

Yorm Bopha Press Release

Boeng Kak Activists Protest With Blood Money

17 Jun

By Khoun Narim And Laurent Crothers, The Cambodia Daily, 17 June 2014


Cobra House Family Again Accuses Security Guards of Arson

29 Apr

By Eang Mengleng, The Cambodia Daily, 29 April 2014



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