Kratie Farmers Petition Government Over Land Dispute

Source: Cambodia Daily | Wed, 16 March 2016, by Buth Kimsey


A protester holds up a picture of Prime Minister Hun Sen outside the National Assembly in Phnom Penh on Tuesday. (Siv Channa/The Cambodia Daily)

Five days after Kratie provincial authorities bulldozed some of the homes of 104 families they accuse of living on state land in Chhlong district, about 60 residents delivered petitions around Phnom Penh on Tuesday morning calling for the release of three men who were allegedly arrested for trying to stop the demolition.

Sorn Sophat, a representative for the families, said the group handed the petition to a representative of Prime Minister Hun Sen’s cabinet, the Interior Ministry and the National Assembly.

He said 19 houses were destroyed on Thursday before residents managed to halt the demolition.

“The authorities bulldozed our land and our houses, and when we tried to delay them so we could remove our possessions they turned and arrested us,” he said.

Bet Soveoun, another community representative, said many of the families migrated to the disputed site in 2011 from Tbong Khmum province in search of land on which to plant cassava and cashews.

Deputy Kratie provincial governor Chan Chamnan, who residents claim led the demolition, could not be reached.



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