Little promise in union law debate, says SRP senator

Source: The Phnom Penh Post / Mon, 11 April 2016 by


Demonstrators hold signs opposing the trade union law at a protest outside the National Assembly in Phnom Penh last week. Hong Menea

Following the National Assembly’s passage of the draft trade union law last week, the Senate is set to take up the law today, with the permanent committee scheduled to discuss it followed by a vote on Tuesday, said the Senate’s secretary-general Oum Sarith.

“I don’t know about the result of the vote, which depends on each senator’s vote during the session,” he added. You Seangheng, a Sam Rainsy Party senator, said opposition lawmakers will participate in the vote, but had little hope that the law will be amended.

“We know that we cannot revise the law to serve the interests of workers, but we still have to debate it,” Seangheng said.

Yang Sophorn, a prominent union leader, who was involved in the violent scuffles that preceded last Monday’s vote at the National Assembly, said she hoped that the Senate would consider changing the law to better match their demands.


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