Popular Beaches to be Developed

Source: Khmer Times | Tue, 17 May 2016, by Taing Vida


For the past month, authorities have torn down shops along the beaches in Sihanoukville. Supplied

Sihanoukville’s beaches will be divided into three categories to make it easier to manage the tourist area, authorities announced yesterday. Officials also closed a small section of Ochheuteal beach so infrastructure and a garden could be built.

Yesterday’s announcement came after a meeting on beach management and development in Preah Sihanouk province co-chaired by Minister of Land Management, Urban Planning, and Construction Chea Sophara and Minister of Tourism Thong Khon.

The announcement said beaches will be divided into three categories – state-owned public entertainment beaches, state-run public beaches with the private sector and state luxury beaches with the private sector.

The National Committee on Coastal Management agreed to improve measuring work, efficiency on management and beach restoration with evaluations based on recognized principles and standards.

The announcement also banned posting advertising or billboards and using guns or fireworks in the area alongside bans already in Cambodia’s beach code of conduct.

The committee also agreed to select and evaluate prices at restaurants, vendors and the beach’s main gates, noting that construction projects are required to have evaluated documents and approval from the ministries of environment, culture and fine arts and tourism.

Preah Sihanouk provincial authorities issued a statement on Monday saying the temporary closure of Ochheuteal beach to the public was to allow technical teams in and to construct infrastructure officials said would beautify the area.

Sihanoukville governor Yun Min said the edge of Occheauteal beach would be restructured to attract more tourists, but he was unable to say how long the process would take.

“Technical officials are now reviewing, so we cannot allow anyone to walk through the gate at the edge of Occheauteal beach in case problems arise. However, I hope to improve the road conditions and produce a better garden as soon as possible,” Mr. Min said.

Sihanoukville’s Adhoc official, Cheap Sotheary said in April that more than 30 vendors’ stalls had been dismantled but approximately 10 families refused the proposed $3,500 compensation per one stall.

“It was good news for the development, but I hope there is a suitable solution for those vendors. Although some accepted, others expect the authorities to find a new location for them to stay a long time so they can earn an income for their families,” she said.

Ms. Sotheary also urged authorities to consider additional arrangements like toilets and garbage bins being placed along coastal areas to maintain cleanliness.

After the meeting on Monday, the National Committee on Coastal Management also advised the authority to prepare legal regulations for vendor owners at locations slated to be demolished or be ready to transfer ownership to assist new stall vendor owners. For registration in Koh Rong, the land must be identified clearly because of proceeding ownership and it must go through the provincial Cadastral Commission.



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