Chroy Chongvar Satellite City’s main road almost fully constructed

Source: Phnom Penh Post | Thu, 7 July 2016, by

The completion of Chroy Chongvar Satellite City’s main road is on the cards, while its developer, Overseas Cambodia Investment Corporation (OCIC), is also beginning construction on another new road along National Road 6.

Tes Sokhano, vice-president of the construction for the satellite city said via phone last week that 70 per cent of the main road has been constructed. The road, which stretches 5.5 kilometres, has a two-metre-long park in the middle, with two 11-metre-long parks on both sides of the road. It is large enough for three car lanes. The company is now putting the finishing touches on the parks, planting trees and setting up streetlights. “This road will pass through three sangkats; Chroy Changvar, Prek Leap, and Prek Tasek. It will be the biggest and most important road in the satellite city,” he added.

“We will finish the road’s construction as soon as possible, so that we can proceed to the next step, which is building a bridge that will measure up to 60 metres long, starting from Sokimex’s gas storage to the Chroy Chongvar area.”

Sokhano said that while the satellite city’s main road is close to finishing, the company has begun construction of another main road along National Road 6, measuring 15 metres in width and 4.5 kilometres in length.The construction of this road, however, is expected to affect many people’s land and property.

Nonetheless, the company is working to resolve the impending issues because the road would play a beneficial role on a much larger scale.

“The new road, 100 metres away from National Road 6, will play a vital part in reducing traffic congestion and floods during heavy rains because the company will also be installing large sewer pipes to stop the flooding in this area,” he said. Sokhano did not disclose the budget for the construction of the two roads.

OCIC’s total investment on the controversial 387-hectare Chroy Changvar Satellite City stands at $1.6 billion.



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