Men held as photo of Ley causes stir in street

Source : The Phnom Penh Post / Wed, 13 July 2016 by


Monks peer through the window of a CalTex Star shop as investigators inspect the body of Kem Leyafter he was shot on Sunday morning. Pha Lina

Police brought in three CNRP activists for questioning after the trio drove a large photo of murdered political analyst Kem Ley decorated with flowers, incense and bananas down a market street in Kampong Cham’s Boeung Kuk commune yesterday and a crowding throng began donating money.

The interrogation, for allegedly disturbing public order, lasted 90 minutes, after which the two men and woman were released with a warning, said Kampong Cham provincial police chief Ben Rath.

“I ordered the commune police to summon them for questioning,” Rath said. “We did not detain them. We only informed them [that] if they want to do that, [they need] to ask permission.”

Police said one of the three was a local provincial councillor, Than Sokrith.

CNRP lawmaker Mao Monyvann said the photo had been taken to be decorated ahead of a ceremony for Ley.

“They only transported [it] back, and when people saw this, they gave money to help for the family’s funeral,” he said. “We did not demand people contribute money.”


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