In pictures: The funeral procession of Kem Ley

Source:  The Phnom Penh Post / Mon, 25 July 2016


Organisers load the body of Kem Ley onto a vehicle at Wat Chas pagoda in Chroy Changvar early yesterday morning. Pha Lina


Onlookers wait in Chroy Changvar yesterday with their motorbikes adorned with Kem Ley posters as the political analyst’s funeral procession gathers. Pha Lina


People wait in Phnom Penh’s Chroy Changvar district just before seven o’clock in the morning for Kem Ley’s funeral procession to begin. Pha Lina


Men attach a photo of slain political activist and Grassroots Democracy Party founder Kem Ley to a motorbike. Athena Zelandonii


A vehicle with a portrait of Kem Ley attached to the bonnet leads the procession over the Chroy Changvar bridge into Phnom Penh yesterday morning. Hong Menea


A monk holds a poster of Kem Ley as he travels toward Monivong Boulevard on a truck yesterday. Hong Menea


A woman holds a poster of Kem Ley as she travels in Kem Ley’s funeral procession yesterday. Hong Menea


Members of the public stand on the back of a truck and spectate as thousands of people travel along Phnom Penh’s Monivong Boulevard. Hong Menea


Monks follow a truck bearing large portraits of Kem Ley as a convoy of vehicles travels though the streets of Phnom Penh. Hong Menea


Thousands of people travel over the Chroy Changvar bridge in a convoy just after seven o’clock yesterday. Athena Zelandonii


Kem Ley’s wife Bou Rachana holds a portrait of her slain husband in Phnom Penh as she begins the journey to Takeo province yesterday morning. Pha Lina


Thousands of people cover a stretch of Phnom Penh’s 6-lane Monivong Boulevard as the procession for Kem Ley travels through Phnom Penh. Hong Menea


Monks walk along the road as people wait to pay their respects to Kem Ley during his funeral procession yesterday. Hong Menea


Monks walk past a woman holding a poster of Kem Ley in Phnom Penh. Hong Menea


Members of Kem Ley’s procession hold posters as they travel along Russian Boulevard yesterday by truck. Hong Menea


A truck mounted with a large portrait of Kem Lay crawls along Phnom Penh’s Russian Boulevard yesterday morning at nine o’clock. Pha Lina


Motorists from Kem Ley’s procession question the closure of a petrol station on Russian Boulevard. Scott Howes


A man holds a Kem Ley poster and watches as a convoy of mourners travels toward the airport yesterday morning. Hong Menea


Thousands line the street side near the airport as a procession for slain political analyst Kem Ley turns onto National Road 3. Pha Lina


Two women tearfully observe Kem Ley’s funeral procession yesterday. Athena Zelandonii


Kem Ley’s funeral procession reaches its end at the Chom Chao roundabout near Phnom Penh International Airport. Pha Lina National

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