Three injured in train collision

Source: Khmer Times


Both trains were damaged in the collision. Supplied

A passenger train rear-ended a stationary freight train in Preah Sihanouk province’s Prey Nup district on Saturday morning, leaving two foreign passengers and one crew member slightly injured, according to local police officers.

Deputy district police chief Khem Sophal blamed the accident on the passenger train’s faulty brakes.

“It happened on December 7 at 9am. Actually, it’s not all that strange,” he said.

“When it arrived at the station, it put on the brakes, but they didn’t work and it hit a stopped train ahead which was on the same tracks.

“The driver was not injured and three people on the train got slightly injured. Two were foreigners and one was Cambodian,” he added, identifying the injured Cambodian as Sao Sophal, 38.

“After the accident, the foreigners took a taxi to a hospital in Preah Sihanouk province.”

Veal Rinh commune police chief Oung Vuthy said the two trains had been on the way to Phnom Penh from Sihanoukville.

“The first train which had stopped at the station in Veal Rinh commune carried oil, while the second train was carrying passengers,” Mr. Vuthy said.

“The first train stopped at the station to switch tracks to let the passenger train go first. The second train put on its brakes, but they didn’t work and it rear-ended the stationary train, damaging its engine.

“Three people were slightly injured, but the driver was not injured because he knew the brakes didn’t work and had time to brace himself.

“The Cambodian was a crew member and the other two were foreigners. They probably fell over and hit the seat.”

Mr. Vuthy added that the freight train, whose rear end was damaged in the collision, had since departed the station. The passenger train, however, was still being repaired yesterday.


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