Land granted to help out poor navy veterans

Source: Khmer Times


The headquarters of the unit the veterans belonged to. KT/Ven Rathavong

In an effort to improve the living conditions of former navy men living in Kampot province, the government has granted more than 300 hectares of land to veterans from the coastal-island defense command brigade unit 31, an official said yesterday.

Deputy governor Sim Vuthea told Khmer Times that the government had decided to offer 313 hectares to the veterans.

“The purpose is to improve the living conditions of navy veterans who have no land to cultivate to feed their families,” he said.

The former naval men started occupying the land in Chhuk district’s Techo Aphivate commune after Khmer Rouge forces were integrated into the government in 1998. Other villagers also started settling on the land.

“However in 2012, this land was measured and granted to local villagers and then authorities found a new location for the navy veterans instead of that land,” Mr. Vuthea said.

“After the government approved the request of navy veterans, provincial authorities found new land on a total area of 313 hectares to be granted to 57 families of navy veterans in Trapaeng Plaeng commune, Chhuk district.”

He confirmed with Khmer Times that the new land did not involve any conflicts with other people.

“Those veterans will each receive five hectares or less provided by the government,” he said.

Mr. Vuthea said a provincial working group measured the land to keep the stream and prepare the road as state property before granting the land to the soldiers.

“Measuring the land plots for navy veterans is ongoing,” he added.

Prey Peay village chief Heng San said that a joint group of provincial authorities cleared the forest to distribute the land to the veterans after a land boundary of 313 hectares had been demarcated.

“After measuring the land, the government will offer land titles to those men,” he said.


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