Road works companies told they have to register

Source: Khmer Times


ompanies doing work on roads now have to show a lot of details to authorities. KT/Chor Sokunthea

The Public Works and Transport Ministry has called on all business owners and companies involved in road construction to register before February 16.

Companies affected include those involved in road building, consultancy, project research, inspections and laboratory work.

“All business owners need to be qualified to ensure quality road construction by following proper technical standards and be responsible for their operation,” the ministry said.

“All business owners are required to apply for a license no later than February 16 to let the ministry study and review their qualifications, and grant licenses to qualified companies.”

Ministry spokesman Vasim Soriya said yesterday it was the first time the ministry had required all companies to register.

Until now, companies with a license from the Commerce Ministry or Land Management, Urban Planning and Construction Ministry could bid on road construction projects from the Public Works Ministry, Mr. Soriya said.

From now on, they would need a license from his ministry first.

This was a reform of public administration and a requirement of the Finance Ministry to know operators’ background, skills and capacity before bidding on road projects.

Qualified companies or operators who followed the requirements of the ministry issued in a directive last month would get the road construction license. The directive says companies must provide information such as their background, structure, the CV of their head technical engineer and a list of engineers and construction machinery or equipment.

Each engineer and technician needs at least three years’ experience or more, depending on the kind of company.

San Chey, the executive director of the Affiliated Network for Social Accountability, said until now the bidding processes have been abnormal. The new measure would help to prevent problems.

“It also prevents companies on a blacklist from joining the bidding,” he said.

Registration also meant that the ministry could review the human resources and qualifications of company.

“It is a mechanism to enhance road quality, however the ministry should have a standard and convenient procedure for applying for a license to avoid corruption during registration,” Mr. Chey said.

He added that the registration process must be transparent, accurate and with proper process.

In December, the ministry fined 186 overloaded trucks a total of $91,000. This number is up on the figure of 144 for November.


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