Japan to help country go green

JICA representative Tanaka Kotaro (left) and Eang Sophalleth yesterday. KT/Mai Vireak

Japan has signed a three-year deal to help train government officials on attracting environmentally friendly investment.
The Environment Ministry and Japan International Cooperation  Agency (JICA) yesterday signed the agreement to educate officials about how to use environmental impact assessments and enforce pollution controls.
The project is expected to come up with regulations for investors who want to do business in Cambodia.
Eang Sophalleth, an undersecretary of state at the Environment Ministry, and JICA representative Tanaka Kotaro agreed to the project at a ceremony presided over by Environment Minister Say Samal and ministry officials.
Mr. Sophalleth said the project will increase the ability of ministry officials to assess environmental risks and prepare legal regulations for firms that come to Cambodia.
He said: “This project is part of ministry policy to prepare legal regulations for businesses. Companies will have to follow clear guidelines, which will make investing in Cambodia easy.”
Mr. Sophalleth called on the public to report businesses that pollute the environment so ministry officials can investigate.
Mr. Kotaro said Japan hopes to offer technical support to help the government improve natural resource management for biodiversity, conservation and sustainable development.
The project will last three and a half years and officially starts later this year.
It is part of efforts to increase bilateral cooperation between Cambodia and Japan.

Source: Khmer Times


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