Ministry warns of unusual dry season rain

Source: Khmer Times

nseasonal rain will fall throughout most of the country on Sunday or Monday. KT/Chor Sokunthea

The Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology has warned of impending unseasonal rain from this week until early next week, especially in lowland areas.
According to Monday’s announcement, wind coming from the South China Sea will affect the country and cause rain in some provinces until Monday.
“Rain will fall on Tuesday and Wednesday [today] in provinces near the Cambodia-Thailand border and in coastal areas,” it said.
The unseasonal rain will fall throughout most of the country on Sunday or Monday and could last several days, the announcement added.
“Please be careful with lightning, storms and other weather phenomena that can occur when it starts to rain, especially in lowland areas,” it said.
A National Committee for Disaster Management report said that in 2016, there were 279 storms that completely destroyed 1,997 houses and tore the roofs off 8,147 others. The storms killed 21 people and injured 193.
The report added there were 154 accidents involving lightning last year, which killed 108 people and injured 105.
Government officials last month told people to be careful about water supplies – for people and animals as well as rice fields – due to fears of a repeat of last year’s drought.
They also called for farmers and other citizens to store as much water as possible and keep it as clean as they can.



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