Second case in Kem Ley murder

Source: Khmer Times

Authorities want to know where the killer got the murder weapon. KT/Chor Sokunthea

The Phnom Penh Municipal Court has started a second investigation into Kem Ley’s murder even though the killer is behind bars doing a life sentence.
Deputy court prosecutor Ly Sophana said the second case was to discover who introduced the killer to Mr. Ley and how the man obtained a Glock pistol.
The case was split from the original murder trial for the sake of expediency, Mr. Sophana said.
“We are still investigating this case, but I cannot go into detail because the investigation is confidential,” he said.
On March 23, former soldier Oeuth Ang was sentenced to life after pleading guilty to gunning down the popular political analyst last July. He was found guilty of premeditated murder and of carrying or transporting a weapon without authorization.
During his trial, Mr. Ang claimed to have come to Phnom Penh twice in his dealings with Mr. Ley – the first time to loan Mr. Ley a sum of money and the second time to kill him.
Mr. Ang testified that he knew Mr. Ley through a man named “Pou Lis,” which loosely translated means police in Khmer, and added that he obtained the gun through a dealer he only identified as Chak.
Mr. Ang, also known as Chuop Samlap which translates to “meet and kill,” was arrested as he was fleeing the scene. He claimed he shot Mr. Ley over an unpaid $3,000 debt, allegations which have been denied by the family members of both men.
Mr. Ley’s murder shocked the country and many allege the outspoken critic of the government was killed in a state-sponsored hit, a claim the government has fervently denied.



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