Adhoc four seek return of doctor

Source: Khmer Times

Adhoc workers ask why they can no longer get an NGO doctor. KT/Mai Vireak

Four Adhoc officials detained in the Kem Sokha bribery case have demanded that an NGO doctor be allowed to treat them after the medic was banned from the jail three months ago.

Yi Soksan, a deputy head of monitoring for the rights group, urged the prison authority to allow the NGO doctor to treat them as before.

“Three months ago they decided not to allow the NGO doctor to go inside the prison to provide medical treatment.

“Now we have sickness such as numb hands. We need medical treatment. We are not criminal prisoners. We are just suspects. Why have they done this to us?”

He said his group wondered which institution had banned the NGO officers and the doctor, adding that inmates detained for robbery and political prisoners were regularly taken for medical treatment.

“It seems a great injustice to us. What they have done equates to torture of human right workers,” he said.

The detained Adhoc officials are Mr Soksan, Lim Mony, Ny Sokha and Nay Vanda. National Election Committee deputy secretary-general Ny Chakrya is also being held over his previous involvement with Adhoc.

Last month the Appeal Court upheld Phnom Penh Municipal Court’s decision to extend for six more months the detention of the five who had been held for a year.

The five were detained after being charged with bribing a witness and conspiracy to bribe a witness in the Sokha case. Adhoc says the payment was standard for people who came seeking help.

Lord Chutney, the lawyer for the Adhoc four, said he had written asking the Interior Ministry to let the NGO doctor back inside the prison but had not received a reply.

Prisons spokesman Nut Savanna said he had not received the lawyer’s letter.

“The reason that we did not allow the NGO doctor into the prison was because the NGO had not signed an agreement with our ministry, so it had no right,” Mr Savanna said.

“They should ask permission from the ministry.”


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