Land feud families plead for road

Source: Khmer Times

Villagers affected by the ELC stand outside their home. Supplied

Four families in Koh Kong province’s Kiri Sakor district urged their local authorities yesterday to step in and reopen a road to their house after it was closed by a tourist site developer.

Ing Kong Chet, provincial coordinator for rights group Licadho, said that

Union Development Group had been given a 36,000-hectare economic land concession from the government.

Of those living on or near the development, 104 families had agreed to leave but more than 100 others wanted to stay.

Mr Kong Chet said that on Thursday, company workers and local authorities built a fence affecting ten hectares of land.

The fence blocked the road to a pagoda and the homes of four families in Koh Sdach commune.

He said the company blocked the road to pressure the four families to leave with only a little compensation. Company security workers were also stationed at the road.

Villager Ses Seng Heng said the residents needed the road to access their homes.

The company had put pressure on her family members, but they had not agreed to leave.

“We need to remain living on our farm. We have lived there for many years,” she said.

Koh Kong provincial governor Khim Chan Dy could not be reach for comment yesterday, but earlier said the company was given the land concession from the government for development.

He said most families had left but some refused because they were unsatisfied with the compensation the company had offered.


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