Taxis ordered off street sides near Monivong Bridge

Source: Khmer Times

Taxi drivers will have to park at a bus station near Chbar Ampov market instead of on the roadside. Supplied

Chbar Ampov district governor has ordered taxi drivers to cease parking along the road near Monivong Bridge, offering them an alternative nearby as part of ongoing efforts to ease congestion on major capital roads.

District governor Cheng Monyra said yesterday that he handed down the order on Friday and notified the drivers they could park in an underused bus station nearby.

“Residents complain that roads near the bridge always have traffic jams due to some of the taxi drivers parking their cars along the road to look for customers,” he said.

“I ordered them to park their car at a bus station near the Chbar Ampov market so we can return public order to the streets.”

Mr Monyra said the bus station is not currently operational and he has ordered it be cleared of trash and overgrown bushes to make room for taxi parking.

“The bus station is messy, but I have ordered workers to clear the rubbish, move some vendors and create space for the taxis to park,” he said.

Sem Sovann, a villager who lives near Monivong Bridge, said the taxi drivers create chaos by dominating the streets.

“This road is always very busy and has traffic jams every day,” he said. “We hope that after this order from the government, the road will not be so crowded.”

Last month, the new Phnom Penh governor held a meeting with all district governors to select 11 main roads to be freed of vendors and street side parking.

The 11 streets include Norodom Boulevard, Sisowath Boulevard, Sihanouk Boulevard, Monivong Boulevard, Russian Boulevard, Mao Tse Toung Boulevard, Kampuchea Krom Boulevard, Moniret Boulevard, Charles De Gaulle street, Street 271 and Street 70.


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