District governor fears floods may damage bridge

Source: Khmer Times

Existing drainage can not cope. Supplied

Parts of National Road 5 in Battambang province’s Thmarkol district have been inundated by floods, with the district governor warning that a bridge is also under threat of serious damage.

Thmakol district governor Kong Ly said a bridge over one canal in O’Taki commune is under siege from the floods and constant use by heavy trucks.

Mr Ly said he plans to ban trucks from using the bridge if he can gain permission to do so.

“We have to ask permission from the province first,” he said. “If the province says no, we cannot ban the trucks.”

Mr Ly said he had helped release water from the road to rice fields, but could not release it all because it could potentially ruin villagers’ crops.

“The problem is that we do not have a proper way to release the water,” he said. “We are worried about damage caused from flooding.”

The existing drainage is small and cannot handle heavy use, he added.

“Now, the height of the water on the road is about two centimetres and the rain is continuing,” he said. “It is hard to solve the problem.”



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