Transport firms targeted in anti-drug drive

Source: Khmer Times

The Transport Ministry wants transport bosses to stop employees using drugs. Supplied

The Transport Minister has asked all transport companies to instruct their drivers not to use drugs and to stick anti-drug stickers on their trucks as part of a ministry campaign to curb drug use in the industry.

According to a directive from Transport Minister Sun Chanthol on Friday, the campaign will help reduce traffic accidents caused by the use of illicit drugs.

Mr Chanthol asked transport companies to ensure their drivers are not using marijuana, morphine, heroin, cocaine or crystal meth.

“The ministry strongly hopes that transport company managers will instruct their drivers not to use illicit drugs, drive morally, respect traffic laws and to know about the campaign against illegal drugs,” the directive said.

It added that the ministry would be sending working groups to the companies to disseminate information about the campaign and ensure its directives are being followed.

Run Roth Veasna, director of the traffic police department, said drug-using drivers are a danger to everyone on the roads.

“The ministry’s directive is a good idea,” he said. “Do not drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs because it causes harm to yourself, others, and damages property.”

Mr Roth Veasna added that in the past traffic police have worked with passenger transport companies willing to allow them to take urine tests from their drivers.

He said that in 2016, police found nearly 50 drivers who were addicted to drugs.

In the first nine months of 2017, there were 2,731 traffic accidents that killed 1,357 people and injured 4,222.


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