Military officer guilty of fraud

Source: Khmer Times

Lieutenant Colonel Ouk Rann is sentenced to six months for a fraudulent land sale. KT/Seng Siphan

Phnom Penh Municipal Court yesterday sentenced a military officer to six months in jail for cheating a real estate associate out of $60,000.

Presiding judge Sour Linna identified the officer as Lieutenant Colonel Ouk Rann, 56.

Taing Yim, 48, made a legal complaint against the officer in 2014, relating to a 2012 land deal.

Mr Yim earlier testified that he purchased three plots of lands totalling five hectares in Kandal province for $50,000 from Lt Col Rann in 2012.

He said that after purchasing the land in Kandal Stung district and paying $50,000, Lt Col Rann did not hand it over to him.

Mr Yim said that when he asked for his money back, Lt Col Rann negotiated with him and later transferred him two plots of land on the outskirts of Phnom Penh.

“But when I took the land documents he gave me to verify with the local authorities, I found the land was owned by other villagers because he did not give all the money to them yet,” he said.

Mr Yim said that to gain possession of the land, he had to pay another $12,000 to the villagers.

Lt Col Rann denied the allegations, but claimed that he “borrowed” $61,200 from Mr Yim and intended to pay it back.

After sentencing the suspect, the judge instructed Mr Yim to file a separate civil lawsuit to claim the $60,000 damages from Mr Rann.


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