Delay to questioning sought in Kem Ley donation case

Source: Khmer Times

Moeun Tola. Supplied

Two members of a former funeral and stupa committee for slain political analyst Kem Ley yesterday requested a delay to their questioning at Phnom Penh Municipal Court, sparked by a complaint from the Cambodian Youth Party over their handling of donations.

According to a request submitted to the court by their lawyers, Moeun Tola and Pa Nguon Tean have requested a delay to their questioning.

Mr Tola said he had not received any summons from the court because they must have delivered it to the wrong address.

Pa Nguon Tean. Supplied

“I will go to clarify with the prosecutor if I receive new summons,” Mr Tola said.

Mr Nguon Teang said he had not had enough time to discuss the case with his lawyer and needs more time to prepare for the questioning.

The original summonses had asked the pair to appear in court today for questioning over breach of trust allegations.

Deputy prosecutor Kuch Kimlong said he was reviewing the request.


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