Many orphanage children to be moved to their families

Source  : Khmer times

Minister Vong Soth shakes hands with UNICEF’s Karin Huls.

About 30 percent of the children living in orphanages around the country will be moved to live in communities with their mothers or fathers, a minister said last week after his ministry had investigated the situation.

Social Affairs Minister Vong Soth said on Thursday last week during a meeting with Karin Hulshof, the UNICEF regional director for East Asia and the Pacific, that the plan for reducing the number of children in orphanages and getting them to live with their families did not mean the ministry would abandon them.

He added that the ministry had investigated and found that some children living in the centres have families.

“Before the project was starting, the Ministry of Social Affairs investigated and did some work to reduce the number of children at orphanages. At least if a child has a mother or father still alive they still face problems and need some help,” he said.

Mr Soth said reducing the numbers of children in orphanages did not mean the elimination of orphanages. He added that orphanages are very necessary because orphanages are the last choice for some children without parents.



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