Environment officials target special economic zones

Source : Khmer Time

Waste management is being discussed.

An environment-monitoring working group from the Environment Ministry and the Council for the Development of Cambodia plans to meet with the owners of nearly 50 special economic zones across the country to promote standards on environmental protection and liquid waste management.

According to the official Facebook page of the Environment Ministry, the working group held a meeting on Monday to review legal aspects concerning environmental impact assessments and waste management infrastructure.

As a result of the meeting, they decided to set up another meeting with the owners of 47 special economic zones to promote environmental standards that the owners and investors in those locations have yet to carry out.

The ministry said it would study the possibility of finding partners to create liquid waste management infrastructure to help resolve waste problems in those regions.

Environment Ministry undersecretary of state Khut Chandara, who led the meeting, said yesterday they had not set a specific time to meet the owners of those economic zones.

He added the working team in the past has regularly monitored environmental conditions in those zones.

“Before starting their work, all enterprises, companies, investors or owners of the development zone must pass an environmental impact assessment report,” he said.

“They have complied with the ministry’s guidelines so far, but the neglect or lack of control on some technical issues has impacted the environment somewhat, so we need to strengthen the monitoring mechanism.”


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