Workers protest for a second day

Source : Khmer Times

Workers at the Emario Hotel and Resort in Sihanoukville protesting for a second day.

A group of construction workers at the Emario hotel and resort in Sihanoukville were still protesting on Wednesday for the second day running to demand three months of wages after a negotiation yesterday was not successful.

On Tuesday, nearly 100 worker representatives of the 450 working at the Emario hotel and Resort took a tractor to block the company’s front gate after they accused Chou Darareth, a deputy company director, of not paying the workers’ wages.

The workers accused Ms Darareth of having an internal family dispute with his husband, who is a director of the Emario company, and also of freezing the workers’ wages without reason.

Ngim Sovorn, a construction worker at the Emario Hotel, said the workers were still protesting and had put a tractor to block the hotel’s gate because there was no solution to the dispute.

“After having negotiations with authorities late in the evening yesterday, the company owner did not agree to a solution. We still have not been paid our wage,” she said.

Yov Khemara, a director of the provincial Labor Department in Sihanoukville, said he talked with Ms Chou Darareth yesterday and she told him she will pay the wages to the workers, but after that she has not said anything.

“I will try to speak more with her,” he said.



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