Fraudster handed ten months in jail

Source: Khmer Times


The suspect was arrested after he returned to Cambodia for his father’s funeral.

A 47-year-old US-Cambodian citizen was convicted by Phnom Penh Municipal Court yesterday and sentenced to ten months in jail for duping 20 Cambodian labourers out of thousands of dollars.

The suspect took money from his victims in 2015, promising them work in Australia, but after getting the money he fled to the US.

Judge Seng Leang said Vorn Yen William, 47, had been charged with fraud. He added that Mr William was arrested by municipal military police after he travelled to Phnom Penh from the US to attend his father’s funeral on June 26.

“He cheated many labourers in Phnom Penh out of money and fled to hide in the US,” he said.

“He was arrested in accordance with the court’s warrant for his arrest after he travelled from the US to visit Cambodia.”

The court also fined him about $750 to put in the state budget and also ordered him to pay between $500 and $5,800 to seven victims, who were the plaintiffs in the case.

The court did not consider the other victims’ damages because they had not claimed money lost from the suspect.

In 2015, according to a military police report, Mr William, who was a broker, recruited 20 Cambodian labourers for work in Australia.

Mr William required his victims to pay him in advance so he could prepare their travel documents to work in Australia.But after they paid him from $3,000 to $6,000 each, he disappeared from Cambodia.

The victims filed a lawsuit against him in 2016.


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