Timber seized in Kampong Speu province

Source: Khmer Times


Kampong Speu provincial anti-economic crime police and Thporng district police yesterday morning seized six tractor loads of timber being smuggled out of the Phnom Oral Sanctuary.

Kim Yon, deputy district police chief, said six homemade tractors were caught transporting the wood from the area.

They were busted by provincial anti-economic crime police when they passed the district police office, he added.

“They were transporting timber from the Phnom Oral Sanctuary,” he said. “There were 40 to 50 pieces of wood loaded in six tractors. We cooperated with provincial anti-economic crime police to arrest them.”

“We allowed the drivers to take the homemade tractors home and we seized the timber,” he added. “We educated them not to destroy the forest. If they are caught a second time, they will face more severe punishment.”

Ping Pov, chief of the anti-economic crime bureau, said the timber was destined for wood workshops to be used in making furniture.

“When we questioned them, they said they were transporting the wood to sell at wood workshops in Kampong Speu province,” he said.

He added that the drivers were only warned and given back their tractors because they had a lack of education on the issue, while the timber was brought to the forestry administration.


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