Bad cheques tycoon jailed for two years

Source: Khmer Times


The cheques bounced when taken to the bank.

A 54-year-old property tycoon was yesterday sentenced to two years in prison for issuing $160,000 in bad cheques to another property tycoon in 2016.

Phnom Penh Municipal Court judge Leang Samnath identified the convict as Ngin Mono, president of the construction firm Mono Ratanak Co, Ltd, and a former two-star general at the Ministry of National Defence. He was convicted of issuing a fake cheque.

Judge Samnath said Mr Mono was arrested on April 11, 2016 by the Interior Ministry’s penal police department after being sued by Oknha Siv Thai.

“The court sentences him to two years in prison and orders him to pay $160,000 to the plaintiff,” he said.


Judge Samnath suggested that Mr Mono appeal the judgement to the Appeal Court within a month if he did not accept the verdict.

Mr Mono refused comment when questioned by reporters. According to a police report, Mr Mono borrowed a total of $160,000 from Mr Thai, who was his friend, in order to improve his real estate businesses in 2015.

In January 2016, Mr Mono issued cheques totalling $160,000 to the plaintiff to clear his debts.

But when the plaintiff took them to the bank, he found there was no money in the suspect’s account.

When Mr Thai demanded repayment, Mr Mono refused to pay, so Mr Thai filed a lawsuit against him to the municipal court for intervention in April 2016.


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