Tatay Hydropower denies destroying iconic hotel

Source: Khmer Times 

A damaged lodge is shown at a complex in Koh Kong province. Photo supplied

The owner of the 4 Rivers Floating Lodge, a floating hotel on the Tatai river in Koh Kong province, yesterday retracted its accusation that Chinese-owned Tatay Hydropower Company was responsible for the destruction of its lodgings during the floods last week.

On Tuesday, general manager Valentin Pawlik said the Chinese-owned company failed to raise an alert about the opening of its flood gates, which it claimed led to the destruction due to flash floods.

“This was shocking news to me that the 4 Rivers Floating Lodge was destroyed by the company opening the gate without warning,” Mr Pawlik said at the time, adding that the company should pay for the damages.

In a signed statement yesterday, Mr Pawlik withdrew his claims and said that management will instead focus on rebuilding the iconic hotel rather than fighting for compensation from the company.

“Upon obtaining further data from Tatay Hydropower Company, we understand the incident was mainly caused by torrential rains, not by the normal release of water from the dam,” he said. “We will not pursue any liability and instead will focus on rebuilding a safer and better water hotel.”

Hotel staffers assess the condition of the lodge. Supplied

Tatai Hyrdopower Company said in a statement yesterday that that it was not responsible for the damages because it had only discharged 461 m3/s of water, not enough to create a massive surge of water.

“The 4 Rivers Floating Lodge suffered damages mainly caused by torrential rain and flooding from up stream,” the statement said. “It was also damaged before we discharged the water at Tatay Reservoir.”

Zhao Wenheng, deputy general manager of Tatay Hydropower, said both parties came to a conclusion that no one was particularly to blame for the destruction of the iconic hotel.

“We both agree now that [the hotel] was destroyed by rainfall, not because of the dam,” Mr Zhao said. “Both parties agreed, they even sent their retraction to the media.”

The company said that since the beginning of July, many areas in the Kingdom have been affected by monsoons.



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