Timber seized, suspects at large

Source : Khmer Times

The timber was seized from a boat. Fresh News

The Stung Treng Provincial Forestry Administration yesterday said it confiscated 52 pieces of illegal wood in Stung Treng city on Monday after getting a tip that the cargo was being loaded onto a boat on the Sekong river.

A raid was conducted following the anonymous tip, the administration said, noting that the suspects fled the scene prior to the arrival of forestry officers.

Sros Sarin, Siem Pang district forestry administration chief, said yesterday that he was not aware of where the wood came from.

Mr Sarin noted that officials suspect the goods were about to be transported out of the provincial city.

“I don’t know for sure where the source of the timber was, but the loggers had their cargo seized in the provincial town,” he said.

Hun Sam Oeurn, a provincial forestry administration officer, said yesterday that cases of illegal logging in the area have increased, where loggers utilise the Mekong and Sekong rivers to transport hauls.

“We raided the boat after we were tipped off that timber was being loaded for so our forces went there and we found the goods,” Mr Oeurn said. “We couldn’t make an arrest because when we arrived, the suspects had already fled.”

He said that the timber was then sent to the provincial administration office.

“We brought the timber to Kampong Salang to hold onto it until tomorrow morning,” he said. “We took them in order to measure and analyse the find.”



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