Fire damages historic cinema

Source : Khmer Times

A historic cinema was damaged from fire. DAP News

Firefighters in Kampong Cham province on Sunday managed to extinguish an early morning blaze at the historic Preh Sihamoni theatre in the provincial city.

The building itself was first commissioned as a theatre in the late 1960s. It was later repurposed in 1975 as a salt warehouse under the Khmer Rouge. Following the downfall of the regime in 1979, the building was then reused to screen films.

Khem Kimseng, a provincial deputy police chief, said that the fire was caused by faulty electrical wirings.

Mr Kimseng said firefighters were able to put out the fire shortly after it began and the damaged areas have since been repaired.

“The fire at Preh Sihamoni on Sunday was due to an electrical fault,” he said. “Repairs followed shortly after the fire was extinguished and now everything is back to normal.”

The fire broke out at about 6.30am on Sunday and damaged walls and seats, a statement from the provincial police said.

“The fire destroyed some parts of the theatre such as ceiling plaster, walls, two wooded doors and about 85 chairs in the main theatre,” it said.

Firefighters from two stations used five trucks to extinguish the flames as police helped facilitate the movement of traffic, it added. No one was injured during the blaze.



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