Problems with land distribution to 200 vets

Source : Khmer Times

Svay Rieng provincial administration officials met yesterday to iron out problems related to the ownership of houses and land allocated for 200 military veterans in Romeas Hek district’s Andaung Trabek commune.

Provincial Hall spokesman Ros Tharith said the Andaung Trabek commune chief, military police officers and provincial administration officials met to resolve the problem of a few people who were initially given the houses, but are now found to not qualify.

According to a report from the Provincial Hall, applications for all 200 houses were made and approved, but now some changes to the ownership must be made because some people did not fulfil requirements.

Deputy provincial Governor Pich Savan, who led the meeting, said that some people were found not to have fulfilled the requirements and their names have to be erased from the list.

“We have officially handed over the houses to the recipients,” he said. “However, there are some veterans who could not fulfil the requirement and their names will be erased and replaced with others who are fully qualified and have the required documents to prove they are veterans.”

Mr Savan could not provide details on how many applicants have been disqualified, but said it was just a few.

Mr Savan said each plot of land measures 40 by 50 meters and the veterans can also do some farming to earn a livelihood.

“These are gifts from the Prime Minister to veterans who suffered disabilities while serving the country and families of veterans who lost their lives to lift themselves from poverty,” he added.



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