Kandal lakes to be protected

Source : Khmer Times 

Residents gather nearby one of the lakes. Fresh News

Kandal provincial authorities are registering nearly 300 hectares of lake land as state property.

Sa’ang district Governor Nhem Vandin said yesterday that the lands are being protected to ensure locals can continue benefiting from them through fishing and farming.

Mr Vandin added that four lakes have already been registered as state property, including Boeng Thnot, Boeng Teuk Cho, Boeng Toteoung Thngai and Boeng Rean.

Two other lakes, Boeng Pram Roy and Ang Yuveakchun, will also be measured and registered as state property soon, he noted.

“Those lakes are public places, so we have to protect them and keep it for the benefit of the people,” he said. “If we do not go to measure it clearly, it can be lost due to opportunists coming to grab and own it.”

According to Mr Vandin, district authorities in June removed about 500 posts that had been planted by opportunists to demarcate land that they were trying to grab.

Kandal provincial Governor Mao Phirun declined to comment.

On Monday, Kampot Provincial Hall officials submitted a request to the Environment Ministry to designate four new protected areas covering 700 hectares.



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