Embassies’ personnel join World Cleanup Day

Source : Khmer Times

Embassy volunteers gather litter near the Royal Palace on World Cleanup Day. Ven Rathavong

Volunteers from the Delegation of the European Union to Cambodia and from seven embassies of EU countries joined together on World Cleanup Day (Sept.15) to collect refuse from the streets of the Kingdom’s capital.

The hundred-strong unit started eliminating litter and refuse at Wat Botum Park and proceeded along the Riverfront all the way to Wat Phnom.  At the end of the day they saw “the city was more beautiful with less waste,” as the first counsellor of the EU Delegation, Simone Pieri, put it.

He expressed the agency’s pride in contributing to the cleansing of the city, thereby demonstrating its desire to help Cambodia.

Explaining that the EU has a new strategy regarding plastic waste reduction, and despite the EU’s support of environmentally related projects in Cambodia, Mr Pieri would like to see more public awareness for the problems plastic refuse generates.   More government information campaigns are necessary.

The Environment Ministry has its own campaign to clean the city also, and active groups clean certain areas of Phnom Penh.

The ministry calls for wider propagation of the perils of unkept refuse for family members, saying that waste is enemy of the people.



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