The Song Saa reserve launched in Siem Reap

Source : Khmer Times 

Song Saa Private Island is one of the projects by the company. Supplied

The owners of Song Saa Private Island, Cambodia’s first luxury coastal resort yesterday announced the launch of a new project, the Song Saa Reserve which is located in Siem Reap.

Rory Hunter, CEO and co-founder of the Song Saa Collective said the inspiration for the project comes from a very special regard for Cambodia, its environment and the people.

“Since I arrived in Cambodia in 2005, I’ve felt a deep sense of commitment to developing our projects in a way that’s inclusive and aligns all stakeholder interests, while showing the world just how special this country is.

“We’re incredibly proud of what we’re achieved with Song Saa Private Island and the work of the Song Saa Foundation and I couldn’t be more excited to share with you our next adventure, the Song Saa Reserve.

“This project scales up our ethos and approach and allows Cambodia to show the world how tourism, done right, is a powerful means for lifting people out of poverty and protecting the environment, while delivering experiences of a lifetime to global travelers and attractive returns to our shareholders,” Mr Rory said.

The new project, located near the famed temple of Angkor, will provide a high-end alternative to guests visiting Siem Reap.

The promoters said the Song Saa Reserve promises to fulfil an increasing need for responsible tourism offerings.

Ann Sothida, director of CBRE Cambodia, said the Song Saa Reserve is the largest econ-development hospitality project in Cambodia and for the first phase there are 19 plots ranging from 3.1 to 18.6 hectares available for developers.

“We estimated that for the development of one plot at least $10 million in investment capital is needed, so it will need $250 million for the development of the whole phase.

“The ownership is offered for sale as a whole or in part on the basis of a long-lease period of 50 years, which is also renewable.”




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