Overloaded truck damages bridge

Source : Khmer Times

The truck and the bridge it damaged. Nokor Wat

Part of a bridge in Kampong Chhnang’s Tuek Phos district collapsed on Friday after an overloaded truck crossed it, prompting authorities to immediately begin repairs.

In a statement, the district administration said that the truck was overloaded with corn products when it crossed the bridge. It added that the driver, 38-year-old Chhorn Cheda, is being held responsible.

“A portion of the bridge was damaged, not the whole bridge,” it said. “Now officials are coming to repair the bridge.”

Kouy Leng, a district official, said the bridge will remain closed as repairs continue.

“Local authorities told villagers not to cross right now,” Mr Leng said. “Go find another way instead.”

In July, the Public Works Ministry announced that 122 overloaded trucks were seized in June, resulting in fines of about $57,000.

It said that most of the truck owners were fined, but noted that no transportation companies had their licenses revoked.

It added that the revenue generated by the fines is not enough to repair damaged roads caused by the trucks, adding that repairs cost the state $180 million annually.

Last year, an overloaded truck caused a bridge to collapse in Kampot province’s Chhouk district. Police at the time said the truck was on its way to transport timber to Vietnam.



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