Villagers upset over threat to cut down resin trees

Source : Khmer Times 

Villager collected resin trees. Supplied.

Kouy Indigenous people in Stung Treng province’s Siem Bouk district raised concerns over a man claiming to represent a company and threatening to cut down their resin trees in order to develop the land.

On a 4,776-hectare Economic Land Concession in the district, villagers have been allowed to harvest resin from the trees that are on land belonging to the Korean company Think Biotech.

However, Sem Hun, a community representative, said that a man named Sok Jia has now appeared on the land and claims to represent a new company which has taken over the concession from Think Biotech.

Ms Hun said Mr Jia told villagers that he represents a company contracted by the concession holder Korean company Think Biotech to clear the area for plantation development.

Ms Hun noted that Mr Jia claimed that Think Biotech had sold the land to a new company and told the villagers they must sell the trees to him or he will have to cut them down.



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