Cars damaged following ministry storm warning

Source : Khmer Times 

Officials remove the tree from the road yesterday. KT/Mai Vireak

Three cars were damaged after a decades-old Korki tree fell atop of them along Norodom Boulevard in Phnom Penh yesterday afternoon, after which authorities took about an hour to remove the tree from the road.

A security guard who goes by only Meng said that the incident occurred unexpectedly.

“The tree fell at about 3.30pm,” Mr Meng said. “There was light wind and rain. The tree fell, but no one was injured – only the three cars were damaged.”

He noted that the tree was planted there after it was grown elsewhere.

A driver whose car was damaged when the tree fell said she was lucky to be alive.

“I was stopped at a red light when the tree fell. I had to get out of the car through a car window because the doors wouldn’t budge,” she said. “I was lucky that only small branches damaged my car. If it were a bigger part of the tree, I don’t think I would have survived.”

City Hall spokesman Met Meas Pheakdey said the administration should not be held responsible for damages caused by weather.

“It was caused by rain and wind – which are uncontrollable,” Mr Meas Pheakdey said. “It is hard to hold City Hall accountable for it because City Hall cannot control wind and storms.”

“If a driver hits a road divider, it is the driver that needs to pay for the damages because the car would be under the driver’s control,” he added. “Storms cause damage, so it is hard for anyone to be held accountable for the damage.”

The Water Resources and Meteorology Ministry on Saturday warned of impending storms in the next few days.

It said that a storm has become a typhoon with wind speeds of 120 kilometres per hour off the coast of Vietnam.

The storm was expected to hit the southern parts of Cambodia from Sunday to today.

Kampot Provincial Governor Cheav Tay yesterday said the warning of the impending storm has been publicised by provincial officials to those who rely on fishing to make a living.

“Our officials have spread the information regarding the typhoon to people in the province,” Mr Tay said. “But the weather here has been sunny this afternoon. There has been nothing noticeable about the weather yet.”



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