Interior Ministry opens space for registered NGOs

Source : Khmer Times

Interior Minister Sar Kheng. KT/ Mai Vireak

The Interior Minister told local authorities to allow registered NGOs to conduct their fieldwork without the need of a three-day prior notice as stipulated in a previous policy.

Interior Minister Sar Kheng said the move was meant to strengthen cooperation between NGOs and the government, noting that the policy only applies to NGOs who are registered with the ministry.

“Not only will this strengthen cooperation between the government and NGOs, but also local communities,” Mr Kheng said. “NGOs that are legally registered, along with local communities, have the full right to conduct their activities in the Kingdom of Cambodia in accordance with the law.”

“These organisations do not need to inform local authorities three days in advance prior to conducting their activities like before,” he added.

Soeung Saroeun, executive director of the Cooperation Committee for Cambodia, yesterday said he welcomed the move, adding that his organisation had requested for the ministry to ease the authorisation process.



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