Plant halts production amid complaints

Source : Khmer Times

Residents complained of a foul smell coming from the plant. Hang Meas

Officials in Kratie province yesterday warned a cassava flour production company in the provincial city to manage its waste after villagers complained of foul odour coming from its facilities.

Doung Chhay Savuth, director of the provincial environment department, said Sing Song, a company from Korea, will suspend production until it is able to repair its waste management system.

Mr Chhay Savuth said villagers in Chet Borei district and Kratie city complained about the smell coming out of the production facility.

“We gave them one month to improve their waste management because they were polluting the environment and villagers began complaining,” he said, noting that the production facility is located along National Road 7.

Cassava flour production began to ramp up due to growing demands for the product, he added.

Chhern Rith, O’Russey commune chief, yesterday said odour coming out of the production facility affected villagers.

Mr Rith added that pollutants from the facility also affected canals and streams of water, which also affect fish and wildlife.

He noted that villagers were demanding local authorities to inspect the company.

“A company representative consulted with local authorities,” Mr Rith said. “The representative told authorities that production has been temporarily halted from Wednesday onward.”



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