An Overview of EL Education’s K-5 Curriculum

EL Education Curriculum – K-5

A good education is more than memorizing facts and passing tests. It is a way of thinking and interacting with the world around you.

The education system in the United States includes elementary school (Grades K-5), secondary education (Middle School/Junior High School, Grades 6-8) and post-secondary / tertiary education (College or University). Most Americans invest in this system through state and local taxes.

EL Education’s K-5 Language Arts Curriculum

The EL Education Language Arts Curriculum supports student growth in three dimensions: mastery of knowledge and skills, character, and high-quality work. In addition, it enables teachers to foster community and collaboration in their classrooms. This curriculum includes a one-hour block of group foundational skills lessons and content-based literacy modules that explicitly teach and formally assess all the English language arts standards for each grade level.

Students share a song and poem at the start of each module lesson to set the tone for the day and build a classroom culture. Each module consists of three units, and each unit has a performance task at the end.

The curriculum also includes one hour of Labs, which are teacher-directed small groups that focus on student reading needs. These labs are a critical component to helping all students achieve and excel. The EL Education curriculum also includes one hour of structured phonics instruction. This instruction is a key element in the curriculum that NYC schools are using as they implement the new Common Core ELA standards.

EL Education’s K-5 Math Curriculum

The curriculum that students use in their classrooms can make a big difference in their learning. EL Education (formerly Expeditionary Learning) creates and supports great schools in diverse communities around the country. Their model and curriculum help teachers cultivate a community of learners that challenges students to produce excellent, equitable work.

The EL Education language arts curriculum is a comprehensive core literacy program that engages teachers and students through compelling real world content. The curriculum features lesson materials, text study, and a structured phonics block.

Students in grades K-2 spend two hours each day on active literacy instruction grounded in compelling topics (Module Lessons and Labs). The third hour is spent on a skills block to build reading fluency using essential building blocks. These blocks provide the time for students to develop strong oral language, content knowledge, and the habits of character that they need to live joyfully and be successful. The EL Education K-2 curriculum also includes labs to support and extend the Module lessons and the skills block.

EL Education’s K-5 Science Curriculum

EL Education’s K-5 Science Curriculum supports students to develop deep content knowledge, skills, and understanding through inquiry-based learning. It combines the best of Next Generation Science Standards with our approach to rigorous and authentic instruction.

Unit 1 introduces the science of weather and how it affects people around the world and in different places at the same time. Students engage in close read-alouds of informational texts and a variety of narrative weather stories, as well as observe local weather and track their findings in individual weather journals.

The curriculum’s built-in assessments center on what students will know and be able to do at the end of instruction. Module Lessons explicitly teach and formally assess all strands and standards of reading comprehension, writing, and content knowledge and literacy skills across the grade level. Hour-long Labs build students’ oral language, content knowledge, and habits of character. The curriculum also includes a one-hour Skills Block that builds students’ literacy foundations through explicit phonics instruction.

EL Education’s K-5 Social Studies Curriculum

EL Education’s K-5 Social Studies curriculum is an integrated, comprehensive, standards-based core literacy program that engages teachers and students through culturally affirming real-world content. It is anchored by four Module lessons that build critical content knowledge on a compelling topic and include rich, authentic text. The curriculum also provides explicit phonics instruction, and is validated by rigorous third party research for excellent equitable outcomes for English Language Learners.

EL’s approach is guided by the three dimensions of student achievement and the Core Practices. The institute will provide participants the opportunity to engage as “students” in a Learning Expedition lesson and explore what it looks like for educators to cultivate a community of learners that challenges, engages, and empowers all students to achieve more than they thought possible.

The curriculum is one of the three curricula that New York City schools will have the opportunity to select for their classrooms starting in the 2023-2024 school year. In addition, EL Education (formerly Expeditionary Learning) is working with NYCDOE to provide comprehensive support and training for educators who select the curriculum.

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