Forest activists face ‘incitement’ probe

Source : Phnom Penh Post 

Timber seized by authorities in Ratanakkiri near Lumphat Wildlife Sanctuary in May. Photo supplied

A senior rights group official and eight ethnic community members were questioned by a Ratanakkiri provincial court prosecutor on Tuesday over alleged incitement to forestry crimes.

According to the court report, Pen Bunna, the senior land and natural resources investigator for rights group Adhoc, and the eight villagers were accused by authorities of inciting people to clear forest land at a sanctuary in Lumphat district’s Seda commune. Continue reading


‘Illegal’ timber seized in Mondulkiri Province

Source : Phnom Penh Post 

Police previously seized timber in Ratanakkiri (pictured). Last weekend nearly 30 cubic metres of timber were discovered in Mondulkiri while chainsaws and related machinery were impounded in Ratanakkiri. Photo supplied

On Monday, police reported the discovery of nearly 30 cubic metres of timber in O’Pot Sanctuary, a forest located in Mondulkiri province’s Pech Chreada district.

The Pech Chreada district police chief-of-staff, Tok Yen, told The Post that the timber was discovered by border police on December 7. Experts are now transporting the wood to be impounded at a nearby environmental office to be measured and processed. Continue reading

Police chief ‘colluded’ with loggers

Source : Phnom Penh Post 

Trucks hauled timber into Vietnam. Forest Community

O’Yadav National Park officials in Ratanakkiri province have reported a border police chief who is alleged to have colluded with traders who illegally logged forests and hauled timber into Vietnam, environmental activists said on Monday. Continue reading

Chainsaws, tents found at Prey Lang sanctuary

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Logs were found in Prey Lang recently. Supplied

The Prey Lang Community Network (PLCN) representative in Kampong Thom province, Sok Plok told The Post that his team had found and seized a number of chainsaws and tents left behind by loggers in the forest.

Plok had patrolled the forest with wildlife sanctuary officials and local police forces from October 20-22. Continue reading

Officials in on illegal timber to VN, claim forest guardians

Source : Phnom Penh Post 

The Sesan River has long been used to transport illegal logs. The image above, of illegally harvest timber in the area, prompted an investigation that was reported in 2017. Photo supplied

Forest activists in Ratanakkiri province’s O’yadav district said on Thursday that a group of Cambodian and Vietnamese traders are colluding with officials and transporting timber from their community forest to Vietnam after they had illegally felled trees there early this month. Continue reading

Indigenous groups want government’s recognition

Source : Khmer Times

Various civil society organisations representing the interest of indigenous groups yesterday called on the government to officially recognise their communities in a bid to keep their land and traditions.

The call was made during a meet between indigenous groups and government officials at an Indigenous People’s Day celebration in Preah Vihear province. Continue reading

Flooding continues along Mekong areas

Source : Phnom Penh Post 

As flooding continues to haunt provinces along the Mekong River and beyond, the water levels of the Sesan and Stung Sangke rivers in Ratanakkiri and Battambang provinces, respectively, have reached emergency status by Thursday afternoon. Continue reading